Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

What is a Zero Net Energy Building (ZNE)?

Powerplant with photovoltaic panels and eolic turbine


ZNE building generates as much energy as it uses during a given year. Ultimately, your solar PV system is providing energy for your building during peak times and you only have to pay energy at low rates when the sun goes down. Soon, battery storage will allow for the excess solar energy your building is producing during the day (or during the weekend), to fuel your usage during the evenings. This allows for the most efficient use of solar generation.

Are ZNE Buildings Feasible?


es! Several recent energy efficient construction requirements have been put into place. Requirements such as energy efficient construction with radiant barriers (mandatory under Title 24), and the new HVAC efficiency requirements and higher R values for insulation, are just a few changes that result in strong exterior building envelopes. Newer interior appliances, equipment and motors all feature higher energy efficiency, further reducing the cost of running a building. Finally, adding controls for HVAC and lighting results in an unprecedented level of granular control and very little energy is wasted. This is how you get to ZNE – then add some renewables.

So what are the benefits of ZNE buildings?


uite simply, they cost less to operate! Need we say more? Doesn’t it all come down to the money, that big NOI? Yes. So if you have an energy efficient or ZNE building, you are on your way to controlling your energy costs.

Macro PV Solar Panel and money.We better get used to the fact that costs are not going down. With cost increases ranging from 12% to 33%, when compared from 2013 to 2015, it only makes sense to make our buildings energy efficient and save that money!

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