Why use Green EconoME?


e have a philosophy to keep it financially simple. We make a complex process simple. Every building is different and we understand that, so the first step is to understand your current operations and how it affects your energy and water usage. After we perform our usage analysis and our onsite audits, we recommend energy efficient retrofits that are supported by assumptions that make sense and are understandable. Our analyses provide Net Present Value and Return on Investment results that are supportable. The decisions need to make financial sense.Led lamp energy save

Our goals are to:

  1. Save you energy
  2. Save you money
  3. Help you control your energy demand (KW)
  4. Meet all Title 24 requirements


Title 24 – Commercial Lighting & Retrofitting

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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). (PRNewsFoto/Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas))

CLIP Certified

Green EconoME is trained in LADWP’s Commercial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP) and is a recognized CLIP Trade Ally.

Our lighting retrofits meet efficacy requirements and are appropriate for the environment based on the Color Rendering Index (how well you can see colors – the higher the better for schools, lower for parking lots) and its Correlated Color Temperature (a measure of color of the light – warm colors, reddish are in the 1,500 kelvin, while cool colors, blueish are in the 7,000). We represent several Energy Management systems and they provide the lighting controls so that Title 24 requirements are met.

We are fussy about the products we use and about the partners we keep.

  1. Quote - Bob StevensonWe make sure distributors price fairly
  2. We make sure the products we use come with excellent warranties
  3. Our sub-contractors are screened to meet our strict guidelines


Demand Response

We are concerned about the high peak costs of energy demand and the rate at which these costs continue to rise. Demand Response is going to be the way of the near future. Utilities are going to expect you to reduce your demand during peak time, or you will be penalized. In addition, Title 24 requires Demand Response for buildings over 10,000 sq. ft. We can design an Energy Management System (EMS) that will help monitor and control your energy usage and you can respond to Demand Response signals, as well as reduce the peak charges.

We believe retro-commissioning can go a long way in getting your systems back on track.

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