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reen EconoME is committed to partnering with our clients in first assessing the current electric power, energy, water and gas usage situations in their facilities. We then consult on various minor and major changes to the physical building and the operations within the facility. Finally, we manage the financing and implementation of the upgrades.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic people to help fill some openings in our rapidly growing business. We have ambitious goals to grow a highly profitable company while working within ethical frameworks of sustainability, balancing Environmental and Economical concerns.

Our clients include light and medium commercial properties, K-12, higher education, retail, and office locations. As we grow, career advancements for our new hires will be crucial to the long-term success of Green EconoME, so be ready and willing to move up quickly!

We hope to bring in bright people who can work as a team but also are not afraid to show their ability to think creatively and develop their own ideas with the assistance and added resources of an established company.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email a resume to Please include the Position Title in the subject line of your email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Available Positions:

Building System Auditor

Building System Auditors are the eyes and ears of Green EconoME. The basic job of an auditor is to get to know our clients’ facilities inside and out. A typical facility will generally break down into Electrical Distribution, HVAC, Lighting, Building Envelope, Plumbing and Gas systems. Auditors are charged with the task of collecting data quickly but thoroughly while on-site. The data collected will be used by Green EconoME designers and consultants located in various geographical areas, which means that the data should tell a detailed story of exactly what is going on within the facility.

Green EconoME Building Auditors will work closely with the Building System Designers to find the best options and timeline for upgrades in the building within budget and scheduling constraints. These upgrades range from simply swapping out old equipment for new efficient equipment, to completely new systems with data management, automation and controls.

Applicants should have:

–  A Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering, architecture or related field  OR

–  4 years of experience in commercial construction

–  A general understanding of construction principles: HVAC, Lighting, Building Envelope, Plumbing, and Gas

–  The ability to keep extremely organized on-site; collecting data with a tablet, keeping track of tools to inspect various equipment and communicate with facility staff to systematically gain access to all areas of the facility.

–  Excel knowledge is a must.

–  Reliable transportation

For more information on this position: please contact Marika Erdely @ 818 681-5750 or


Energy Star Benchmarking Specialist

This position will be working with building owners to gather data for input into Energy Star Portfolio Manager Software.  Data entry will include meter usage data and operational and physical characteristics of the building.

The data is then downloaded and graphed to understand usage characteristics of the building.

This position will also be involved in analyzing and summarizing energy efficiency opportunities.  Candidates being considered must be familiar with basic concepts of ROI, NOI and payback periods.

Applicants should have:

–  An undergraduate degree in Finance or Accounting

–  Attention to detail a must and an ability to stay organized

–  Excellent Excel and Word skills are a must

–  Excellent and effective communication skills

–  Excellent organizational skills

–  Great attitude

For more information on this position: please contact Marika Erdely @ 818 681-5750 or