Rebates & Financing

Financing: Sources of Capital for Energy Efficiency Improvements:

Assess-Electricity bill


ow do you pay for the energy efficient improvements? We are experts at finding you the money! There are many ways to get funding for your improvements.

1.    Utility rebates are just one of the ways. Incentives and resources such as the LADWP‘s Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program (EETAP), Custom Performance Program (CPP), and Commercial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP) can provide significant savings for any retrofit project. Green EconoME is a Contractor with these programs.

SC Edison also has significant opportunities to provide incentives via their Solutions Directory. Green Econome is also an authorized Contractor/Vendor for SC Edison.

Although applying for these utility rebates can be complicated, we take care of the application, inspection and Project Management process for your project.

2.    The Property Assessed CleaSouthern California Edisonn Energy (PACE) program

What is it? PACE is a new innovative approach to pay for 100% of your energy efficiency improvements through a property tax assessment for up to twenty years. This means that you have no cash outlay and the cost of the improvements stay with the building and any new owner will also take on the assessment.

We connect you with the money and help you enroll in the program, which includes a credit check and confirmation that your lender will allow you to be involved in the program since the assessment becomes the first lien holder.

3.    Federal Tax Credits – Solar improvements currently provide a 30% Federal Tax Credit through 2016.