Demand Response


anaging your energy use. Utilities recommend engaging with their Demand Response program. To be able to respond to a Demand response signal, your building will need to  Manage its energy usage (kWh) and demand (KW). Energy consumed at high peak times are the most expensive, and the fifteen minute increment, used to capture your demand charges, can cost you dearly.

New technologiesThe time has come to ensure that peak loads and energy demand is controlled. Being able to control your energy use is going to be an important component of managing your building’s energy costs.  This will require the installation of an Energy Management System.

Energy Management Systems (EMS) allow you to not only monitor all of the energy consuming devices in the facility, but also to control and automate them in a completely customized way either on site or from a remote location with an Internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or computer.

The goal is to install a system that will reduce energy and maintenance costs while increasing occupant productivity and comfort.

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