Energy Efficiency for Schools – Including Proposition 39

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eed Help with Prop. 39 – California’s Clean Energy Job Act? Prop. 39 provides funding for Energy Efficiency retrofits for schools.

We are here to streamline the process for you.

We will:

  • Help you meet the Energy Commission’s 8 Step program so that you secure all of the funding you are entitled to.
  • Energy Star Benchmark, calculate the EUI, Energy Survey and Audit your school, providing a comprehensive analysis of recommended energy efficiency measures (EEM's). This will include an analysis of your energy and water usage and your return on investment of the projects.
  • Make sure you meet the required Savings by Investment Ratio (SIR) for all projects being considered.
  • Complete the Energy Expenditure Plan required for submission to the Energy Commission.
  • Take advantage of all utility rebate incentives available.
  • Project Manage and be the Contractor (License B #1001368) for your energy efficiency project - making sure everything from planning, to project completion, goes smoothly.
We are here to make sure you put in the right energy efficiency improvements as we help you design a five year plan.
    • We want you to look back and know that you put this funding to its best use.
    • The proof will be in reduced energy and operating costs for the future.
  Click here to view Prop. 39 Final Guidelines.

Schools without Prop. 39 Funding:
We work hard to produce the most cost effective solution, while considering all utility incentives, to reduce the energy consumption of your school or campuses. We can assist in providing funding to help pay for the energy efficiency retrofits so you can start saving energy NOW!
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Prop. 39 Deadlines

June 2018 -
Deadline for submitting and receiving approval of an Energy Expenditure Plan.

June 2020 -
All projects must be installed and operational.

"I wanted to let you know how impressed and pleased I have been with your company throughout the various phases of Prop 39 implementation."