Walnut Plaza Garage LED Lighting Retrofit

Date:Jul 28, 2016

Walnut Plaza

Green EconoME installed Plug-and-Play Lunera T8 LED replacements and Wattstopper occupancy sensors to maximize the energy efficiency of the Walnut Plaza parking garage.


This results in savings of approximately 65% of their current garage light load.

Walnut Plaza Light and Occupancy SensorWe installed the following:

  • 385 total 4 foot  lamps
  • 78 occupancy sensors


We also installed a total of 7 2-lamp ballasts to repair fixtures with non-functional ballasts and replaced 25 bi-pin tombstones on fixtures where the existing tombstones were damaged beyond use.

Walnut Plaza GarageThe occupancy sensors were set with an on-delay time of 5 minutes – they will stay on for at least 5 minutes after illuminating.

The best part?

A Pasadena incentive paid for 75% of the project cost!