Palisades Charter High School

Date:Jul 31, 2014

Prop 39 – Making Our Schools More Efficient

Proposition 39, California’s Clean Jobs Act, makes roughly $550 million available annually for eligible projects to improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy generation. Of that $550 million, $381 million is allotted for local educational agencies (LEAs), including county offices of education, school districts, charter schools, and state special schools for energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

PalisadesGreen EconoME is proud to work with schools, such as Palisades Charter High School, in creating a five year plan to help increase their energy efficiency in the most cost effective manner.

In accordance to Prop 39, every school must start with benchmarking the past 12 months of utility billing data an calculations of energy use intensity. This establishes a baseline from which to measure their energy reduction efforts over the next 5 years.

The process also includes an Energy Survey which includes a lighting audit of exterior and interior fixtures. This identifies the approximate amount of energy used for lighting demand. Green EconoME combines the benchmarking information with the Energy Survey and produces a graphic analysis of the results. The Energy Survey identifies the “low hanging fruit” of the energy consuming offenders – often these offenders are inefficient light fixtures, and air conditioning or heating at times when spaces are not occupied. These issues are commonly mitigated with installation of newer low-power LED lighting retrofits, occupancy sensors, and an updated control system that allows schools to fine tune their power consumption to meet their needs efficiently.

Green EconoME installed brand new Philips Flux stream Strip LED 40Watt 4000k lighting, resulting in energy savings of %65-%70.
Palisades womens locker Before Picture

Palisades womens locker room – Before

Palisades Girls Locker Upgrade

Palisades girls locker room – After upgrade








Green EconoME is also providing Energy Star benchmarking and has performed an Energy Survey. With these results, Green EconoME has identified the need to retrofit exterior lighting which includes replacing high wattage stadium and parking lot lighting, along with an easy-to-use lighting control system.

Green EconoME is also working with ACCO Engineering Systems to analyze the current Air Handling units and to provide HVAC efficiency. Appropriate HVAC control will be installed where applicable.

 Since the building envelope is an important feature of energy efficiency, we will also be installing Madico Window Film on many of the campus windows. A simple, cost effective solution, solar window film greatly reduces the amount of solar heat gain by approximately 78% from entering the building. This also reduces the load on the HVAC system and lowers HVAC energy usage and extending the life of the units.

Also in year 1, a new energy monitoring system for data collection will be installed. This will allow the school to track their energy usage much more resolutely, track their energy usage performance, and help identify more opportunities to save money on energy usage.

Green EconoME applauds Palisades Charter High School for their effort, and are happy to help them transform their school into a better environment for their students and staff.

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