Green EconoME is Proudly Working with the Rio School District

Client:Rio School District
Date:Sep 24, 2014

Rio School DistrictGreen EconoME is happy to be working with the Rio School District. Rio School District serves the unincorporated community of El Rio, the RiverPark development and portions of the City of Oxnard. The District strives to provide world-class education to its more than 4,800 students through six elementary schools, two middle schools.

Green EconoME will be doing Prop. 39 work including Benchmarking, Energy Survey, and Level 2 Audit.

Rio Board Room Upgrade

Rio Board Room Lighting Upgrade

Recently, Green EconoME retrofitted their lighting, installing brand new Cree ZR24 Troffers 40Watt 4000k with Philips Evo kits LED 40Watt 4000k. This resulted in Energy Savings of %65-%70! 

As always, we are very happy to be working with a school district, helping them prepare their energy plan while reducing their energy consumption and operating costs.

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