Case Study – Parking Garage Lighting Retrofits: Lowers Cost and Increases Brightness and Safety

Date:Aug 15, 2017

Green EconoME was hired by Solstice HOA in Mammoth Lakes, CA to retrofit their parking garage lighting.

Switching from 32W T8 Fluorescents to 14W Lunera Universal Tombstone (UTT), a bypass ballast LED, yielded a reduction of over 56% in wattage in each lamp while increasing the brightness throughout the garage.

Lunera lighting retrofit increased the brightness of the garage while lowering costs.

New Lunera lamps yielded a 56% reduction in wattage and made the garage a safer space.









Lunera UTT is a great option for retrofits as it does not require the changing out of the tombstones that many ballast bypass products require. This saves on the labor cost to install.

The difference in lighting between the Lunera 5000K and the old T8 at 4100K is clear. The Lunera 5000K product completely brightens up the parking garage, saving energy and making the garage more friendly and safe.

14W Lunera 5000K UTT retrofit clearly outshines the dimmer yellow 32W T8 4100K.

Retrofits make this garage more friendly and safe – and saves money!









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