Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Reports

What is the LA City Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency Program (EBEWE)?

Purpose: Reduce energy, water consumption, and GHG emissions.
Covered Buildings: Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family.
Process: Annually, the owner shall submit an Energy & Water Benchmarking Disclosure Report to LA Dept. Building & Safety (LADBS).
Reporting: Public disclosure of energy and water usage will be posted on LADBS website.

What is Benchmarking for commercial buildings?

nergy Benchmarking measures and compares energy and water usage of one building against other similar buildings.

To benchmark a building, utility data is entered it into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager database to produce a compliance report. This report provides building owners with an Energy Star Score, which can be compared to Energy Star Scores of similar buildings.

When will Benchmarking be required for my building?

The Los Angeles Department of Building Safety (LADBS) outlines the compliance schedule in the Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency ordinance (EBEWE), which requires:

  • Energy and water consumption benchmarking for privately owned buildings from as small as 20,000 sq. ft., including commercial, multi-family and even industrial.
  • Building audits every 5 years.
  • Click here for more Audit and Retro-commissioning information.

Schedule of Energy & Water Disclosure Required For Privately owned or Public Commercial, Multi-Family and Industrial buildings.
[wpsm_comparison_table id="1" class=""] By 2019, every building needs to be audited and disclosed; building owners must comply every five years. Click here for requirements and exceptions.

HIRE US for continuous Benchmarking.

Your building will always be in compliance and you can always check on your energy consumption.
We will set your building up for automatic downloading of your energy usage data from your utility (or enter it manually if your utility doesn’t), at the six and twelve month mark we will provide an analysis of your energy usage and cost.

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