Energy Disclosure Reports and Benchmarking

What is Benchmarking for commercial buildings?

nergy Benchmarking measures and compares energy and water usage of one building against other similar buildings.

To benchmark a building, utility data is entered it into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager database to produce a compliance report. This report provides building owners with an Energy Star Score, which can be compared to Energy Star Scores of similar buildings.

Why do I need to benchmark my building?

New LA City and California regulations require all existing commercial buildings >20,000 sq ft to submit energy and water benchmarking on an annual basis. Benchmarking can make you aware of opportunities to improve your buildings to become more efficient can mean big savings in your utility bills. Contact Green EconoMe to learn more about these new requirements and how we can help you comply with them.

How do I benchmark my building?

1st: Complete the Order Form

2nd: Complete Contract, Building Template, and Utility Authorization Form (We will send them to you when you have completed the Order Form)

3rd: Provide 2 of the most recent utility bills for gas and electric meters

4th: Sit back and let us do the work!

Click here to learn about the City of Los Angeles' benchmarking requirement.

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"You can’t manage what you don’t measure" - USGBC

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